Op.1Fantastic Dances2015For two pianos
Op.1 bisFantastic Dances2021-2022Orchestration of Op.1
[3(picc)2(corA)22 / 4231 / timp.3perc / hp.cel(piano) / str].
Op.2Súnion2015For SATB choir and orchestra (or piano). Text by Carles Riba (in Catalan).
Op.33 Piano Pieces2016-2017
Op.4Dickinson Songs2017For SATB choir a cappella. Text by Emily Dickinson (in English).
Op.5Farce2017For piano solo. Also arranged for string quartet.
Op.6Violin Sonata2018Revised in 2021
Op.7Suite for String Quartet2018
Op.8Symphony2018For orchestra [2(picc)222(cbsn) / 4231 / timp.3perc /hp.cel(piano) / str].
Op.9Mester d’Amor2019For SATB choir a cappella. Text by Joan Salvat-Papasseit (in Catalan).
Op.10String Sextet2019-2021For 2 violins, 2 violas and 2 cellos.
Op.11Fantasy Suite2019-2020For orchestra [2(picc)2(corA)2(clE♭,bcl / 24231 / timp.2perc / hp.cel(piano) / str].
Op.12Piano Sonata2020-2021
Op.13Fanfare2020For concert band.
Op.143 Choral Pieces2020I- Ecce Panis (SATB choir a cappella).
II- Domine Iesu (SA choir and piano).
III- Mane Nobiscum (SATB choir and piano).
Each piece won one the 3 categories of the 2nd Composition Contest of the Catalan Federation of Youth Choirs
Op.154 Pieces2021Original for saxophone quartet. Also available for string quartet and for clarinet quartet (2 B♭ clarinets, 2 bass clarinets).
Op.16Roses2021For SATB choir and piano. Also available in a version for SA choir and piano. Text by Joan Maragall and Clementina Arderiu (in Catalan).

Winner of the VII Sant Antoni Composition Contest.
Op.16 bisAve Mater2021For SATB choir and piano. Also available in a version for SA choir and piano. Anonymous Medieval text (in Latin).

Re-setting of the music of Op.16 to a Latin text for an international audience.
Op.17Sonatina No.12021For piano
Op.18Sonatina No.22022For piano
Op.192 Maragall Songs2022For SATB choir a cappella. Text by Joan Maragall (in Catalan).