Albert de la Fuente


See the score here

2 Flutes (II=piccolo)/2 Oboes/2 Clarinets/2 Bassoons (II= contrabassoon)

4 Horns/2 Trumpets in C/3 Trombones/Tuba

Timpani/Percussion (2 players)*/Piano (=celesta)**/Harp


*Tam-tam, bass drum, snare drum, tom-tom (medium) tambourine, suspended cymbals, clash cymbals, hi-hat, two flexatones (ad lib.), triangle, glockenspiel (ad lib.)

** Keyboards ad lib.

About the piece

This was my first original orchestral work (i.e. not an arrangement). I wrote this in four weerks between November and December 2019, even though some basic ideas date from many years before. It was an agonic month, since I could barely think about anything else. I’ve refined the orchestration a bit since then, implementing a few new things I’ve learned during the last two years.

This was written with an overall early 20th century aesthetic in mind, combined with very strong jazz influences. The first movement’s in sonata form with an introduction, then follows a waltz (in lieu of the traditional scherzo), then a dreamy slow movement, and finally some sort of quasi-ragtime.