Albert de la Fuente Morató

Albert de la Fuente is a composer based in Barcelona. Born in 1989, he grew up in in Vilafranca del Penedès (Barcelona province, Catalonia, Spain), a town known for its winemaking culture, for its casteller tradition (human towers with up to 10 levels), and for its medieval architecture. His family had no musical tradition and, in fact, music (a mandatory subject) was the only thing that he ever failed at school.

At age 18, Albert began to commute every day to study at the Barcelona Superior School of Industrial Engineering, and was forced to leave all formal musical training. He made his first timid attempts at composition at age 19, and has continued since then always autonomously, becoming an utterly self-taught composer. All the theory he knows comes from books, and from analyzing hundreds of scores.

His musical style’s been characterized by a marriage of Classical forms with 20th century musical aesthetics, borrowing from high and low art almost indistinctly.

His music’s been performed at Barcelona’s iconic Palau de la Música, at the Kiev conservatory, and at concerts organized by the Orchestra of the Politechnic Univerity of Catalonia. His Youtube channel has more than 2,300 subscribers.

He has been awarded 3 first prizes in the II Composition Contest of Cors Joves de Catalunya (2020), and a first prize in the VII Sant Antoni Composition Contest (2022).