Albert de la Fuente

SONATINA No.2, for piano, Op.18

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About this work

This neoclassical sonatina, written in Summer 2022, is a tribute to the melodic ingenuity and playfulness of Mozart and Schubert (albeit with a modern harmonic bent).

The first movement, in sonata form, opens with 2 themes derived from the same melodic cell. One is placid and song-like, while the other is strident and playful. The themes are developed until a loud climax is reached, and a recapitulation (starting in the wrong key) ensues.

The second movement, in ternary form, opens with a quiet theme surrounded by mystery. A central section, based on different material, reaches a climax before the return of the opening theme.

The third movement, in rondo form (with 2 episodes), opens with a playful theme in tarantella style. The first episode is syncopated and mysterious, while the second episode (in quintuple meter) is driven and motoric. The whole piece ends with an exhilarating coda.

Total duration: ca. 10′ 40″