Albert de la Fuente

FOUR PIECES, for string orchestra, Op.15

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About this work

This opus contains four miniatures in contrasting moods. However, there are two common threads thoughout: a hommage to the jazz era, and abundant doses of humor.

The first movement opens with a prelude-like section that acts as a slow introduction to a fast-paced fugue. Unlike typical Baroque models, both the prelude and the fugue are based on the same musical idea, albeit presented in very contrasting moods.

The second movement is a surreal scherzo with lots of syncopation. The central episode is a parody of the Swing Era big band sound.

The third movement is based on an early Emily Dickinson poem, “Love, thou Art High”. In this slow movement a languid theme build on ambiguous harmonies alternates twice with a bluesy episode with lots of ornamentation.

The last movement is a lively 7-part rondo with a short introduction, driving the whole suite to an exhilarating close.

Total duration: ca. 15′ 40″.

Each movement may also be performed separately.